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From the individual packaging machine, to beneficial accessory modules, and up to complete packaging lines - WOLF offers secure solutions with a high output capability, and an attractive price/performance ratio.

From engineering to commissioning, from the product silo to the palletizer, we can offer our clients intelligently automated turnkey solutions for efficient packaging lines from a single source:

  • Flexible vertical and horizontal packaging machines
  • Efficient product handling due to machine expansions
  • Peripheral modules, including machines for secondary packaging 
  • Consistently user-friendly systems design

WOLF professionals will perform the engineering, including installation and  commissioning, as well as the training for efficient turn-key solutions scaled to customer needs. 

Quality third-party equipment can also be integrated.

The advantages for our customers are obvious

  • Fast project management from a single source
  • Transparent budgeting
  • Reliable dates
  • Flexibility and efficiency across the board

Our customers receive cost-effective and future-proof solutions with a high availability and long service life. Support, maintenance, and service worldwide. Including accurate retrofit Arrangements.


Would you like to pack pouders, granules, pieces, pasty or liquid products from the food, non-food, chemical, detergents and pharmaceutical sectors safely, cost-effectively, logistically and in a sales-promoting manner? You will find the right tubular bag machine for almost every application in the WOLF product range.

Well packed - worldwide

WOLF - a reliable partner. WOLF endeavours to identify the individual requirements of its customers and fulfil these in a non-compromising fashion. In addition to developing and maintaining long-term and personal relationships, the company places enormous importance on cooperation with its customers in a spirit of partnership.

WOLF - a quality attribute. WOLF places enormous emphasis on non-compromising quality and reliability of its packaging systems.

WOLF - a guarantee of flexibility. The modular design enables the realisation of rapid and flawless product and shape changes from individual to multiple fillings and the creation of ­different pouch packaging variants for a variety of applications.