Top Closing Machine


Output (PPM): 80 pouches

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Top closing machines (KVM) for the economic production, filling and creative closing of block bottom bags

Top closing machines for a creative top closure design - for the most cost-effective packaging of free-flowing and powdery products into sale promoting stand-up and block bottom bags.
Immediately gain more marketing and cost efficiency with the top closing machines from WOLF - for market and consumer-friendly block bottom and stand-up bags:

  • More flexibility through various packaging shapes
  • Brick pack with sealed down top seam
  • 180° foled head seam, closed
  • Bag with clip closure
  • Peel seam, adhesive strip or Label closure
  • Re-closable with integrated spout in "Presenter" design

The proven WOLF bag technology offers even more tangible benefits:

  • Reduced costs for wrapping material by usingvery thin, low-cost packaging materials
  • High sales Impact due to an exceptional advertising effect, similar to a folding carton
  • Space savings because of compact stackable bags
  • Reduced logistics costs by saving of transport packaging, energy and storage space

Bag examples


Would you like to pack powders, granules, pieces, viscous, or liquid products from the food, non-food, chemical, detergents and pharmaceutical sectors safely, cost-effectively, land efficiently? You will find the perfect solution for almost every application within the WOLF product range.

Filling volume
up to 6.800cm³
(Dependent on product density)

Output bpm
80 pouches
(Dependent on bag weight and product characteristics)

free-flowing, pourable and paste-like products

Well packed - worldwide

WOLF - a reliable partner. WOLF endeavours to identify the individual requirements of its customers and fulfil these in a non-compromising fashion. In addition to developing and maintaining long-term and personal relationships, the company places enormous importance on cooperation with its customers in a spirit of partnership.

WOLF - a quality attribute. WOLF places enormous emphasis on non-compromising quality and reliability of its packaging systems.

WOLF - a guarantee of flexibility. The modular design enables the realisation of rapid and flawless product and shape changes from individual to multiple fillings and the creation of ­different pouch packaging variants for a variety of applications.