Vertical Packaging Machine

VPC 250/400

Output (PPM): 100-150

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VPC 250/400

The packaging machines series VPC are vertical high-performance machines which provide a unique price-performance ratio.

For free-flowing, pourable and pasty products the VPC packaging machines offer a gentle product handling and efficient packaging process:

  • Continuous or intermittent operating mode
  • For bag widths of 50-250 mm VPC 250
  • For bag widths of 70–410 mm VPC 400
  • For all heat-sealable wrapping materials and PE films
  • For pillow, gusseted, stand-up and chain bags
  • Also suitable for 4-side sealed stand-up bags
  • For food and non-food applications

The PLC controlled VPC 250/400 packaging machine works with servo drives for movement and feed functions, and is therefore almost completely wear and maintenance-free.

Bag examples


Would you like to pack pouders, granules, pieces, pasty or liquid products from the food, non-food, chemical, detergents and pharmaceutical sectors safely, cost-effectively, logistically and in a sales-promoting manner? You will find the right tubular bag machine for almost every application in the WOLF product range.

Filling volume
up to 6.000cm³ (VPC 250) 
up top 20.000cm³ (VPC 400)
(Dependent on product density)

Output bpm
100-150 pouches
(Dependent on bag weight and product characteristics)

free-flowing, pourable and paste-like products

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