Vertical Packaging Machine

VPC-L 250

Output (PPM): 100 pouches max.

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VPC-L 250

Packaging machine for the packing of liquid products: VPC-L 250 Liquid Master guarantees product-free sealing area.

With the WOLF Liquid Master, liquid products (food and non-food) can be packed safely, efficiently and cost-effectively into medium to large volume bags.

Are you packing liquid products like washing emulsions, liquid soaps, mustard, sauces, ketchup, sauerkraut, jams? Then the VPC-L 250 Liquid Master is the efficient solution.

This packaging machine was consequently developed by WOLF for the liquid packaging industry:

  • Continuous motion
  • A special Motor driven roller system guarantees product-free seals
  • For bags up to 5 liters filling volume
  • Performance up to 100 bags/min
  • Protection class IP 64

Bag examples


Would you like to pack pouders, granules, pieces, pasty or liquid products from the food, non-food, chemical, detergents and pharmaceutical sectors safely, cost-effectively, logistically and in a sales-promoting manner? You will find the right tubular bag machine for almost every application in the WOLF product range.

Filling volume
up to 5L
(Dependent on product density)

Output bpm
100 pouches
(Dependent on bag weight and product characteristics)

liquid products

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